Dating site crack

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Dating site crack

The other great Copenhagen manufactory Royal Copenhagen had a system for each pattern: the pattern name had a number at the series of items in that particular pattern had another number.

At B&G there is not shown pattern numbers, but each item has a number, which is the same at all pattern for the same kind of item.

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In trade on the 2ndary market it makes no difference if the figurine is mint.

When the industrial production of the B&G dinnerware reach a certain level, a marking system was invented.

On these pieces actually sold it can be hard to determine a certain cause of it being a 2nd.

Insignificant flaws can be: alternative turnout of the color in stronger or weaker nuances as intended; illegible dots in the glaze, blurring the color of the sharp edges etc. Firing flaws - often seen at the base and the attachments - especially larger and old pieces.

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