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Day1dating com

So if you're not giving off 'young' (equals fertile), you're going home alone. If I go to a bar and the place is packed with young women, I feel myself shrink. In my close circle of friends, there are eight of us who are single and childless.This is a generational phenomenon - we are all aged between 37 and 45.My mum couldn't be called a feminist, but I, too, grew up thinking we could be anything we wanted to be and have a fulfilling career, life and relationship.We didn't delay marriage and motherhood deliberately, but felt there was more to contend with beforehand.And how do I find myself in this perilous position?One reason is undoubtedly that men like young women. In my 20s and 30s I wasn't exactly a supermodel, but I was constantly surrounded by men.She admits that she was led into the magical kind of thinking I described earlier in which there is nothing in reality to limit having things as you want them to be ("we didn't realise that men wouldn't be interested ... And so Bibi, who was "constantly surrounded" by men in her 20s, has ended up unhappily alone ("I feel I've moved from independent and vibrant to sad spinster.") I know some men will respond "serve them right".

And along the way they inflicted a whole lot of damage.

When our mothers were that age, such numbers would be unimaginable.

I think the feminist teachings of the Sixties and Seventies seeped into our brains.

But so many are either obsessed with sex, bitter divorcés laden with baggage or simply barking mad. I've probably missed the boat as far as children are concerned, and that is a shame...

I can't help agreeing with Lisa Snowdon, who rues the fact that older men want to date only younger women.

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Many seemed to believe that men would simply fall in with whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.