How to write online dating ads

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Before you start, always read the site guidelines, and any hints and tips. This builds a document which you can edit and reuse if registering with more then one site, and also gives you a spell/grammar checker to avoid mistakes. Be prepared to tweak the profile as you go along, to change your results until you’re getting good matches from people who fit your requirements.

Most importantly, get advice from someone else whose judgement you trust.

If there are moral, religious or social factors which are important to you, that would be “deal-breakers” in deciding whether to meet someone or not, make sure you mention them - positively.

It will help you to avoid the situation of spending time getting to know and like someone, only to discover some fundamental incompatibility later. Be descriptive about things that are important to you.

So writing a good profile really is vital for success.

Many dating sites such as have programs, like questionnaires, that assist you in creating your profile based on a series of questions.

They may look great to you, but you don’t know what type of responses they’re getting, and so copying isn’t necessarily a good idea.

It’s better to spend a little time browsing profiles of prospects you might be interested in, and picking out the ones you like best to identify what it is that is attractive about them.

For example, if you passionately hate cats to the extent that you couldn’t date someone with one, it’s sensible to say so.Ask them what the profile says to them – as opposed to whether it describes you or not.Preferably use someone who doesn’t know you so well, as people who know you well will have their judgement influenced by their knowledge of you – they’ll see what they want to see, not what’s there. You don’t have to act on it and change anything, just note it for the future, in case you need to alter the profile later.If there is the facility to record an audio file, use it.Hearing someone’s voice can be an excellent barometer of whether or not they’d be suitable.

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That can make creating a profile easier, but it can also sidetrack you into omitting important things. The chances are they were actually the result of someone’s hard work.