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The Anishinabe acquired the names Ojibwa and Chippewa from French traders. In 1951, Inez Hilger noted that more than 70 different names were used for Ojibwa in written accounts (M.The English preferred to use Chippewa or Chippeway, names typically employed on the treaties with the British government and later with the U. Inez Hilger, Chippewa Child Life and Its Cultural Background [originally published, 1951; reprinted, St Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1992], p. There are several explanations for the derivation of the word "Ojibwa." Some say it is related to the word "puckered" and that it refers to a distinctive type of moccasin that high cuffs and a puckered seam.A second group, the Ottawa, moved north of Lake Huron.A third group, the Ojibwa, settled along the eastern shore of Lake Superior.To the missionaries the Ojibwa were heathens to be converted to Christianity.To the fur traders they were commodities who could be purchased and indentured to company stores through watered-down alcohol and cheaply made goods.By the 1700s the Ojibwa, aided with guns, had succeeded in pushing the Fox south into Wisconsin.Ojibwa and Sioux fighting extended over a 100-year period until separate reservations were established.

Ojibwa has become the common English language reference for encyclopedias and entries on this group of peoples.

Because of this early association, the Potawatomi, the Ottawa, and the Ojibwa are known collectively as the Three Fires.

The Ojibwa met non-Native Americans in the 1600s, possibly hearing about Europeans through the Huron people.

As previously noted, the people call themselves Anishinabe.

This name, as with other names chosen by the peoples in question, is the preferred term.

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