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Marchegiani online dating

Our results open the way to the realization of SQUIPTs that take advantage of the use of higher-gap superconductors for ultra-sensitive nanoscale applications that operate at temperatures well above 1 K..A SQUIPT consists of a short metal wire (i.e., a weak-link) placed in good electric contact with two superconducting leads defining a loop and a metal probe tunnel-coupled to the nanowire.In the SEM image the passive metal replicas deriving from the three-angle shadow-mask evaporation are also visible.Interferometers are realized by electron-beam lithography (EBL) combined with three-angle shadow-mask evaporation (see Methods).*All policies and procedures are subject to change.Any patient working with the clinic must adhere to all terms, policies, and procedures unless individual accommodations are made.Figure 1(b) shows a false-color scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a typical V-based SQUIPT with a magnification of the weak-link zone.

The main features of the V-based SQUIPT are described within a simplified theoretical model.

The V layer deposited on top of the Al ring allows to increase the size of the minigap induced in the nanowire DOS, without compromising the Al/Al O/Al junction quality.

The Al layer was first deposited to insure the quality of the interface between the wire and the ring.

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Design and scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the V-based SQUIPT. An Al nanowire is embedded into a V-Al ring and an Al probe is tunnel-coupled to the middle of the wire.

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