Sinonimoen hiztegia online dating

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Binnick's Linguistic Bibliography - Annotated bibliography of tense, verbal aspect, aktionsart and related areas.Blogos - News and opinion articles on sociolinguistics, bilingualism, translation, technology, and other aspects of linguistics.

The List of Language Lists - List-servers for a wide variety of language studies, from Nostratic to Spanish and Tolkien.

A Web of On-line Grammars - This website contains links to all of the serious if not complete grammars of languages on the Web.

It currently contains links to grammars of more than 80 different languages.

Stewardship Project - Listings of international geographical names, orthography and transcription with commentaries on language.

Unilang Community - Provides a home for everybody interested in any aspect of language(s) or linguistics.

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